A seducer of all things beautiful, the RAKE is alert to the power of a discreet gesture. Multi-layered, textured and enigmatic he knows that taste is indefinable, an attitude, a state of mind. A believer in timeless style, not a follower of fashion, he never tries too hard, knowing that true elegance is effortless. And his lifestyle reflects this. Constructed using only the finest cloths, this is flexible luxury: each piece is designed as a separate and can be worn with its counterpart as a suit or individually with any other item found in a modern man's wardrobe. This philosophy extends between collections, which are designed to work in harmony, ensuring that the garments can be interchanged as part of a genuinely adaptable concept. It's a continuity of style: past, present and future, a look that is updated, but never out-dated, a look fit for a RAKE.